Tibor Krisko
Tibor Krisko's Fundraiser

We can get healthy food to more kids, and change food culture!

Support me in the TD FIve Boro Bike Tour, and help make a difference, please give today.

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Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world (and good food in the world), and make a difference!

I'm supporting the Coalition for Healthy School Food. Help me help them to provide healthier meals and nutrition education for the whole school community - to help them learn new skills for healthy living.

Like many of you, I enjoy a great meal with friends and family, and am thankful for the healthful culture around food that the same family and friends helped create. But for so many in our cities and neighborhoods, food is scarce, and/or knowledge of healthful food and approaches to eating are lacking. Your support, with a small (or gigantic!) donation, will help me meet my goal of raising $1000 for Coalition for Healthy School Food.